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Special Offers and free
Driving Lessons in Preston

We know money is tight and we are all looking for Special offers.
From time to time we will be advertising special offers
for Driving lessons that you will will not want to miss.

It should be noted that whilst these special offers are advertised
they are also offered to existing pupils.

Limited time special offer

Block book ten 1 hour driving lessons for £175, ie £17.50 per hour.
Get in at the offer price and your next block booking will still be £175.

If you are eligible for a free introductory driving lesson then
combining it with this special offer effectively gives you
your first 11 hours at a rate of £15.91 per hour
E-mail now to enquire about Driving lessons in Preston
Block booking prices are based on completed blocks

Free Driving lessons

Advertising costs money and most Driving school pupils book
their Driving lessons after being referred by current and past
pupils. It is only fair that you are rewarded for this.

Free Driving lessons for current pupils

For every pupil referred you will be eligible to receive
a full one hour Driving lesson free of charge.

Free Pass Plus Driving lessons for past pupils

Refer a new pupil and you will be entitled to a full one hour
Pass Plus Driving lesson with Driving Passion Driving school.
Pupils counted after first paid Driving lesson - one referer per pupil