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Marcin needed some
good quality yet value for money
Driving tuition in Preston, Lancashire

Fantastic Driving instructor for stressed persons, very calm with brilliant reversing techniques.

we all nows how important it is that with who we are driving to avoid extra charges and wrong habits which cause accidents.

Thats why I would like recommend Paul Higson from Driving Passion.

good to be free, grateful for that Paul

Top Quality good value Driving tuition in Preston Lancashire
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When talking to Marcin it was obvious that he knew a lot of people who felt they had not received the best Driving tuition. In fact it was coming across that their Driving tuition had been poor at best and certainly overpriced. Quite simply put, it was not good value for money.

Marcin was very cautious when he started learning to drive with Driving Passion. Not in a driving sense, though that was soon corrected but in a sense he was comparing his driving tuition with what he had heard from other people. In reality he was trying to decide if he was being taught correctly.

When delivering Driving tuition it is important that the student knows why things are done in a certain way. It was this reasoning that convinced Marcin that he was receiving high quality Driving tuition. Coupled with the fact that the price was not hiked just after he started was enough to convince Marcin that he was truly getting high quality, value for money Driving tuition.

Yes, he had some problems with his reversing but this was again soon corrected and he passed his driving test in good style with a reverse included.

Well done Marcin and thanks for the review

Paul the Driving instructor from Driving Passion Driving School

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Paul Higson
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