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Qobad wanted the
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Hi. My name is Qobad. I am living and working in Preston as a professional book binder. I was driving on my international driving licence which was due to run out. I set out to find the cheapest driving instructor in Preston because I thought my standard of driving was very good and I had already passed my theory test. The first driving instructor I found was certainly not the cheapest driving instructor in Preston and he wanted me to take lots of lessons.

I saw the Driving Passion car coming down the road and flagged it down. I explained to Paul the Driving instructor that I was looking for some cheap driving lessons to prepare me for my driving test in Preston. He explained that it was the quality of the instruction that was important and that he would need to see me drive before he would know how many driving lessons I would need. This did'nt bother me one little bit when he told me his prices because this was the cheapest driving instructor in Preston that I had spoken to.

That evening I had a driving lesson with Paul and the next day I booked my practical driving test. I booked more lessons with Paul than even he recommended. It was clear to me that I had possibly not only got the cheapest driving instructor in Preston but possibly one of the most friendly, up front and knowledgeable. I thought I had learned a lot whilst preparing for my theory test but every time Paul opened his mouth I learned something new.

I thought I was a good driver before I met Paul but now I think I am great driver. I am certainly much more aware of what is going on around me and much better at dealing with some of the silly things other drivers do.

YES ! I passed my practical driving test first time.
I am recommending Paul from Driving Passion Driving School to everyone.

Is Paul the Cheapest Driving Instructor in Preston ?
I dont know but he has to be one of the best.

Thank's again Paul

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