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My name is Kamran and I am writing this review for Paul, the Driving instructor from Driving Passion driving School based in Preston, Lancashire. Paul provided me with some really good quality and very flexible Driving lessons that got me through my UK Practical Driving test. I now have a full UK Driving licence.

Originally I was living in London but I moved to Preston when I got a better job in Leyland. My problem was that my international driving licence was about to run out and I needed the use of my car to get to work. Whilst in London I passed my theory Driving test and then took some very expensive Driving lessons which after all the money did not prepare me for my UK Practical Driving test and it turned out to be a complete failure.

When I moved to Preston I booked my Practical Driving test with no time to spare before my international driving licence expired. I was starting to get desperate because I knew I had to get some good quality driving lessons in. They also needed to be very flexible driving lessons because my work schedule was tight and I would also have to spend some time working overseas.

I found Driving Passion Driving School on the internet and spoke directly with Paul the Driving instructor. He agreed to take me on and provide me with a block booking of flexible Driving lessons. Paul was true to his word and turned out at all hours and at short notice to provide me with my Driving lessons. The quality of the driving lessons was very high and Paul worked really hard to bring me up to the standard required to get me through my Practical Driving test.

I would recommend Driving Passion Driving School and especially Paul to anyone.

Thanks again Paul

Kamran got his high quality Flexible Driving lessons in Preston
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If you are currently driving in the UK on an international driving licence do not
leave it too late. It is not as easy as you think and you will need some good quality Driving lessons to get rid of those bad habits.

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