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Krystle needed her full UK Driving license
and had two months to pass her
UK Practical Driving test

Hi there. My name's Krystle and I needed a full uk driving license so that I could apply for a wider range of jobs after graduating.

I told Paul that basically, he had two months to get me to pass my practical driving test in Preston as I had already booked it.

I paid for a block of ten Driving lessons and then an extra two. Paul's prices were the best I had found on the internet for my local area in Preston. I am truly grateful for the patience and continuing support that Paul provided whist learning to drive with him and would (have) recommended him to several of my friends.

I passed my test after 7 weeks of Driving lessons and I gained £50 from a bet.

Full UK Driving licence holder
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Krystle was desperate to pass her Practical driving test and get her full UK Driving license. I did not know she had a bet on the side that was driving her on . Anyway, Krystle was concentrated throughout her driving lessons, listening well and putting into practise all that was said to her.

Mission accomplished and another proud owner of the Full UK Driving license with fifty pounds in hand.

Well done Krystle.

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