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Edgar wanted some
Good quality Driver training
in Preston, Lancashire

Edgar from Latvia wanted to pass his UK Practical Driving test. Living and working in Preston, Lancashire he was fed up with the wet and cold weather and was working odd shifts so he needed to lear how to drive so that he could get around.

Having already passed his theory driving test he set out searching for some good quality driver training to prepare him for his UK practical driving test.

After searching high and low, reading reviews, asking around and comparing prices he finally decided that he would get his Driver training from Driving Passion Driving School.

I am Paul the driving instructor from Driving Passion Driving School who trained Edgar how to drive. It has to be said that Edgar turned out to be the model pupil. No more nervous than any other pupil, he listened and did. This allowed his driving skills to quickly develop into a safe natural habit. He focused his thinking on what was happening around him thus developing keen awareness and anticipation skills.

Edgar passed his UK practical driving test having taken fewer hours driver training than most and without any driver training on the side.

Thanks and congratulations Edgar - It was a pleasure to teach you

Paul - Driving instructor.

Good Quality Driver Training in Preston Lancashire
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