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Tawakkal was looking for
Good quality Driving tuition
in Preston, Lancashire

I had been in Preston, Lancashire for the last couple of years studying at UCLAN and desparately needed to pass my driving test. I already had a car but it was down in London.

I decided that the best way forward was to ask my friends in Preston where I could get some good quality Driving tuition. For me the important thing was to have good quality Driving tuition rather than the cheapest I could find. I know that the standard of Driving tuition is supposed to be the same across the board but I was willing to pay a higher price if this meant that I would get through my Driving test without any problems.

The answer kept coming back - Look Tawakkal if you want some good quality driving tuition in Preston then contact Paul at Driving Passion Driving School.

I was a bit dubious because his prices were very low, but I decided to give him a go. After my first Driving lesson I knew my friends were correct. I was driving around Preston straight away and with fewer Driving lessons than I had predicted I was up to what Paul decided was test standard.

I passed my Driving test in Preston, Lancashire with only 1 minor driving error. Clearly the best thing I learned was that you do not need to pay high prices in order to get good quality Driving tuition in Preston.

I am recommending Driving Passion Driving School as thanks to Paul who made it easy for me to pass my driving test and saved me some money in the process. Get in quick though because his books are quite full and I'm sure he will start putting his prices up soon.

Thanks again Paul - Good luck for the future


Good Quality Driving tuition in Preston Lancashire
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