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Laura recommended
her Driving instructor from Preston
after passing her Practical driving test

Brilliant driving instructor Paul was really patient and has great hourly rates.

I felt completely at ease when I was in the car with Paul and when I passed my Practical Driving test I did it with only 4 minors.

I'm now confident driving on my own and would definitely recommend Paul my Driving instructor from Preston and this Driving school to everyone!

Thanks Paul!

Well done and thanks Laura it was a pleasure teaching you how to drive.
Your recommended driving instructor from Preston, Paul.

Recommended Driving instructor from Preston by Laura hereRecommended Driving instructor in Preston by Laura hereLaura here Recommended Driving instructor from Preston

Lovely smile but where are the eyes. Was it the sun or all those observations.

It was certainly a sunny day for Laura.

Laura here Recommended Driving instructor in Preston, Lancashire
Others who recommended this Preston Driving Instructor regarded him as patient, supportive and one of the cheapest in the local area - Best lake a look

If you are looking for some affordable driving lessons in Preston, Lancashire then contact Paul the recommended Driving instructor in Preston.

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077 929 44 568

Driving instructor
Paul Higson
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