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Charlotte decided it was time she got her full UK Driving licence. She wanted to learn how to drive in Preston and started looking through all the Preston Driving schools searching for a Preston Driving instructor. Of course there are a lot of Driving schools in Preston so the Driving instructor you choose to go with, quickly becomes a daunting task.

In this situation most of us end up paying prices for Driving lessons that are over the top. It is so easy to be convinced that the price is high because you are paying for quality driving tuition. The fact is that some Driving schools keep their prices high just so that they can use this sales tactic and rubbish other low cost Driving schools.

Charlotte made her decision and chose the Driving instructor who sounded the most genuine and got started with her Driving lessons. At the same time Charlotte was getting extra tuition from her dad because she wanted to get quickly up to test standard and pass her Driving test as soon as possible.

What transpired was a bit of a horror story for Charlotte. She was advised by her Driving instructor to put in for her first driving test, which she failed. Neither Charlotte or her dad thought she was ready for the test. In fact Dad was very dubious about what she was being taught but had to stick with what the Driving instructor was teaching her.

The failed Driving test story repeated itself a few times with a lot of extra Driving lessons between tests. Of course Charlotte's learning to drive costs where starting to mount with the cost of extra Driving lessons and additional test fees.

Finally, enough was enough. Charlotte contacted Driving Passion Driving School and happy with the Driving instruction she was receiving turned her first hour into a 10 hour block booking. Eight hours of Driving lessons and two hours for her test day.

Charlotte soon came to realise there was a lot that had not been explained but she learned quickly and her confidence was boosted because now she was driving into situations knowing exactly what to do. Her dad was happier too because now he knew what he had been saying all along was the correct way to drive.

Charlotte took her Driving test confident in the knowledge that now she was doing all the right things and driving in the correct manner.

Charlotte passed her UK Driving test with only a few minors.
Now all she has to do is get into work early enough to get a parking space.
Well done Charlotte.

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Preston is a great place to learn how to drive but you must learn how to drive correctly if you want to pass your driving test. If you do not learn how to drive correctly then you may get lucky and scrape through because situations have not arose that would test you. One thing is for sure if you dont learn how to drive correctly in the first place then those situations will arise in the real world and you will come a cropper.