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Advice for
Students in Preston
from Driving Passion Driving School

The advice given below is valuable advice for the students of Preston.
Hopefully you have arrived at this student advice page sooner rather than
later. However better late than never as the saying goes. Read on,
take the advice and enjoy your stay in Preston.

The Driving instructor from Driving Passion Driving School in Preston
has taught many students how to drive whilst they were at university
or college here in Preston. During the course of his work the Driving
instructor gets to know the students very well.

One thing that stands out above anything else is that many students only
start learning how to drive in the last year of their courses.

This often happens because there is a sudden realisation that most job
applications are asking if you hold a Full UK Driving licence, how long have
you held it and even whether or not you have done a Pass Plus course.
How long you have been driving and whether or not you hold a Pass Plus
certificate may be of particular interest to your prospective employer's
insurers. Getting the job or even getting your insurance paid for by your
employer could depend on when you started to learn how to drive.

Remember that if you learn to drive earlier rather than later then this
will open up the possibility of getting a better part time job whilst you are
still a student. You will also be gaining valuable driving experience that
can be highlighted on your CV and you will not be adding to the pressure
of your final year studies by trying to learn how to drive at the same time.

Many parents of students coming to study in Preston are aware of the
importance of learning how to drive early on and do not need this advice.
However, students are often persuaded into blowing their driving lesson
funds on other things. This is not a good idea.
The best thing to do is to take the advice and learn how to drive asap.

Another quick word of advice. Do not fall into the trap of spending half
your driving lesson funds on the nice to do things and then expecting to
learn how to drive with less driving lessons than you require. You will put
yourself under too much pressure and find it more difficult to learn.
Some students try to compensate with some form of tuition from the
wrong sources. This results in making the task of learning to drive to the correct standard more difficult.
Dont do it. Get advice from your driving instructor.